Hi, I'm Hazel the founder of LINASH.  

Growing up, I saw beautiful outfits made from traditional Ankara fabrics packed away in wardrobes and drawers, only being brought out to be worn on special occasions. Additionally, I also felt a sense of shame wearing Ankara as a child and teenager as it made me feel different from my friends. Now, I embrace my heritage and celebrate it. I have created LINASH so that these beautiful fabrics can be brought into everyday fashion for anybody who wants to wear it.

My aim with LINASH is to create beautiful, affordable and inclusive clothing to those of all shapes and sizes. Nobody should feel as though they consistently struggle to find clothes that fit them. This is why all of our garments are made to order based on your measurements, and handmade by me.

Collection pieces are limited edition, which means that no fabric is wasted, contributing to sustainable slow fashion. 

I hope that you enjoy your bespoke garment!